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Upcoming changes to First-Generation Lexus Link® Service

Due to the growth and acceptance of digital cellular systems, many cellular carriers have abandoned analog coverage in favor of digital service. The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) ruled that cellular telephone companies operating in the United States are no longer required to provide analog service after February 2008. As a result, beginning January 1, 2008, Lexus Link service in the U.S. and Canada will only be available through vehicles equipped with dual-mode (analog/digital) equipment.

Since the First-Generation Lexus Link system uses analog cellular technology and cannot be modified to digital operation, Lexus has approved a no-charge program for owners of model year 2001-2004 vehicles who discontinue Lexus Link service. Lexus will disable the Lexus Link system and remove the button panel from the vehicle at no cost. Owners are encouraged to visit an authorized Lexus dealer for more information.

Current Customers
Lexus understands that some customers will be inconvenienced by the effects of this FCC decision. Lexus will contact current Lexus Link subscribers in fall 2006 with more details on the options available to them.

Vehicles Not Currently Enrolled
In order to address the upcoming discontinuation of analog cellular-based Lexus Link service, the following policy changes will be implemented:
-  Effective July 24, 2006 - Lexus Link will stop enrolling new subscribers except those who start service on a vehicle with previous Lexus Link service.
-  Effective January 1, 2007 - Lexus Link will no longer enroll new subscribers. Current customers can continue to renew through December 31, 2007 but must re-enroll within 45 days of their service expiration date.

These changes are designed to minimize the inconvenience to Lexus customers.

IMPORTANT: These changes only impact analog cellular-based Lexus Link systems offered on certain Lexus vehicles in model year 2001 through 2004. Current Lexus Link systems (model year 2006 and later) use dual-mode analog/digital cellular and are not affected by this decision.

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