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The HS 250h is available in nine exterior colors. Click here to choose yours.

This keyless entry system [1] [2] detects the key and allows it to unlock the doors and trunk by touching the handle, and to start the car by pressing a button.

By automatically helping to keep a pre-set distance between your HS 250h and the car traveling ahead, the available Dynamic Radar Cruise Control [3] helps keep you at a comfortable distance.

After the midcoat is applied, many vertical surfaces of the HS 250h receive an additional round of wet polishing by hand. The result is a premium exterior finish with outstanding gloss and texture.

Helping to enhance safety for both you and other drivers, available intelligent high-beam headlamps [4] dim when other cars approach, or when you come up behind slower traffic.

While the front doors of the HSh feature water-repellent glass, the windshield and rear window employ material that cuts infrared rays by nearly 30%. This helps keep the interior cool and reduces the air conditioner's workload, improving fuel economy.

A relentlessly refined shape yields better performance, less noise and a drag coefficient of just 0.27.

Advanced LED lights, available in the HS Hybrid, replace conventional halogen lights, delivering better illumination and lower power consumption.

Settling into a spot while avoiding scrapes and dents is easier with the available Intuitive Parking Assist. The system's six sonar sensors detect nearby obstacles, and the information display alerts you to their distance.

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Vehicle(s) shown may feature optional equipment.

MSRP does not include delivery, processing and handling fee of $910. Excludes taxes, title, license and optional equipment. Dealer price will vary.

©2006-2014 Lexus, a Division of Toyota Motor Sales, U.S.A., Inc. All information contained herein applies to U.S. vehicles only.

[1]The SmartAccess system may interfere with some pacemakers or cardiac defibrillators. If you have one of these medical devices, please talk to your doctor to see if you should deactivate this system. [2]The engine immobilizer is a state-of-the-art anti-theft system. When you insert your key into the ignition switch or bring a SmartAccess fob into the vehicle, the key transmits an electronic code to the vehicle. The engine will only start if the code in the transponder chip inside the key or SmartAccess fob matches the code in the vehicle's immobilizer. Because the transponder chip is embedded in the key or SmartAccess fob, it can be costly to replace. If you lose a key or SmartAccess fob, your Lexus dealer can help. Alternatively, you can find a qualified independent locksmith to perform high-security key services by consulting your local Yellow Pages or by contacting www.aloa.org. [3]Dynamic Radar Cruise Control is designed to assist the driver and is not a substitute for safe and attentive driving practices. Please see your Owner's Manual for important instructions and cautions. [4]The intelligent high-beam headlamps can help improve vision at night. However, conditions such as a dirty windshield, rapidly changing light conditions or hilly terrain will limit effectiveness so the driver may need to manually change the high beams from on to off. Please see your Owners Manual for details. Back to top