RES+ (Remote Engine Starter+)
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The RES+* (Remote Engine Starter+) features a nearly unlimited range* and supports up to four smartphones*. It enables you to remotely start your engine* which activates the climate control settings, remotely stop your engine* (when the engine was initially turned on using RES+), lock and unlock your doors *, locate your vehicle*, get the outside temperature near your vehicle, check the engine start/stop* and door lock/unlock* status and receive an e-mail if the theft-deterrent system is activated. Purchase and installation of the RES+ accessory in your vehicle, yearly subscription fee, smartphone app and registration are required. Includes one-year complimentary subscription. For more information, visit and click on the RES+ icon.
Remote Engine Starter
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Just when you thought your Lexus couldn’t get any more comfortable. The Lexus remote engine starter* allows you to start* the engine before entering your vehicle, which activates your preset air conditioner, heater, windshield defogger, and the heated and ventilated front seats (if so equipped).
Glass Breakage Sensor (GBS)
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Wrap your Lexus in a force field of security. The Lexus glass breakage sensor (GBS) helps deter theft, courtesy of a highly sensitive microphone that can actually “hear” the specific frequencies of glass being struck or broken. If the GBS detects an object striking the glass, a warn-away alarm will sound. In the event that breaking glass is detected, your vehicle’s factory-installed theft-deterrent system will immediately activate and disable the starter. The GBS is designed to ignore other noises, and the sensitivity is adjustable, helping to prevent false alarms.
Carpet Cargo Mat
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Keep your cargo area looking like new. Specifically designed to help protect your cargo area carpeting from premature wear and soiling, the plush carpet cargo mat* also provides an extra measure of cushioning for your cargo and helps reduce noise inside the cabin. The mat is shaped to precisely fit your cargo space and is easily removed for cleaning.
Cargo Liner
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From extreme sports to routine tasks, this rugged, moisture-resistant cargo liner* helps protect your cargo area, seat backs and rear bumper from scratches, spills and dirt. Easy to install and easy to clean, it’s the ideal solution when carrying items like bicycles, wetsuits, camping gear and gardening supplies.
Cargo Tray
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Sometimes life gets messy. To help protect the original cargo area carpeting, this tough cargo tray* precisely fits the cargo area and features a perimeter lip to help contain liquids, while its non-skid surface helps keep items stationary. The tray is easy to clean—just remove and hose it off.
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Envelope Cargo Net
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The days of groceries rolling around on the drive home are over. Specifically designed for the cargo area, this durable elastic-mesh net* has an envelope-style design that holds items upright and in place. It attaches in seconds to mounting points in the cargo area and folds flat when not in use. It also features carbon-fiber-like pouches that can hold smaller items.
Spider Cargo Net
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Your gear should stay where you put it. Specifically designed for the cargo area, this durable black nylon net* with elastic bungee cords in the corners attaches in seconds to the vehicle’s factory-installed D-rings and holds up to 30 pounds. It helps keep smaller items in place when the vehicle starts, stops or turns quickly, and lays flat when not in use. It also features an integrated elongated zippered pouch that can hold small items.
All-Weather Floor Mats
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Brave the elements in style with a set of all-weather floor mats*. Constructed from a rubber-like material, these lightweight and durable all-weather floor mats help protect the original factory carpet of your CT, while their distinctive hexagon pattern channel design helps contain moisture, dirt and other debris. Easy to clean, the mats feature a nibbed backing, as well as driver and front passenger quarter-turn fasteners, which help hold the mats securely in place. The driver and front passenger mats feature a debossed CT 200h logo.
Door Edge Guards
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Help protect your vertical door edges from dings and paint chips with body-color-matched Genuine Lexus door edge guards. Easy to install, these door edge guards help preserve your vehicle’s like-new appearance while seamlessly blending with its luxurious styling.
Paint Protection Film
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HOOD, FRONT FENDERS AND SIDE MIRROR HOUSINGS Like a clear suit of armor, Genuine Lexus paint protection film* helps guard your vehicle from road debris that can chip and scratch the finish. Manufactured from durable, nearly invisible urethane, the film is designed for specific sections of the hood and front fenders. FRONT BUMPER Genuine Lexus paint protection film* can also be applied to select portions of the front bumper to help guard your paint from road debris. This film is only available at your local Lexus dealership for an additional charge.
Rear Bumper Appliqué
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Load and unload with peace of mind. The rear bumper appliqué helps keep your Lexus looking like new. Made from a durable, UV-resistant, non-yellowing 8-mil clear polyurethane protection film that meets Lexus’ rigid engineering standards, the appliqué helps protect the rear bumper from minor scratches, gouges and marring. Stain-, chemical- and fuel-resistant, the rear bumper appliqué is finished with an integrated, pearl-coated Lexus logo that enhances the vehicle’s appearance.
Rear Bumper Protector
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This simple, hard-working bumper protector helps guard against scrapes, dings and scratches. The protector features an injection-molded base topped with a corrosion-resistant stainless-steel plate. Rising from the matte finish of the plate is an embossed, polished Lexus logo.
Illuminated Door Sills
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Heighten the thrill of stepping into your Lexus with illuminated door sills. Precision-contoured to fit the vehicle, the sills feature an elegant, heavy-gauge etched stainless-steel overlay to help protect against unsightly scuffs, scrapes and scratches. Front sills are illuminated with "hybrid blue" LED letters forming the Lexus logo. Rear sills feature a polished, debossed Lexus logo. Both the illuminated front and non-illuminated rear door sill enhancements are designed to meet Lexus' high standards for precision fit and finish, so you can be assured of long-lasting beauty and durability.
Dash Panels
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Personalize your interior with easy-to-install dash panels. Choose from matte brown ash burl, genuine bamboo, striated graphite metallic and Shimamoku finishes—or get all four and customize at will.
Alloy Wheel Locks
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Lexus alloy wheel locks help safeguard your wheels and tires. The wheel locks are constructed of precision-machined and hardened steel with triple-nickel plating, followed by a layer of chrome to help ensure an enduring shine. They are also height-matched and weight-balanced to Lexus specifications and can be easily installed within minutes. Simply replace one lug nut per wheel to secure all your wheels. Only your unique key can interface with your wheel locks.
Ashtray Cup
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This deep, self-contained, UV-protected plastic ashtray fits snugly into your cupholder. Its hinged lid helps minimize odors and prevents flyaway ash. The unit lifts out easily for emptying.
Key Gloves
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Help protect your Lexus SmartAccess fob in style with this set of two Lexus SmartAccess key gloves. The synthetic leather helps keep your SmartAccess fobs clean and free of scratches, and the gloves feature either an embossed Lexus logo or F SPORT logo on the back. The loop on top allows your SmartAccess fob to hang in a valet box.
Hybrid Drive Window Sticker
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Show your hybrid pride. The “Lexus Hybrid Drive” window sticker attaches to the rear window, distinguishing your vehicle from gas vehicles and demonstrating your appreciation for advanced technology and sustainable transportation alternatives. For best results, rely on a trained Lexus technician to make the application smooth and centered.
F-Sport 17-in Trident Alloy Wheels
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Express your style with these stunning F SPORT 17-inch alloy wheels* with a Medium Gray metallic finish. These lightweight wheels help reduce unsprung weight, while their ultrastrong, hub-centric design offers superior balance, with less vibration and a smoother ride than aftermarket lug-centric wheels. Manufactured to meet Lexus' rigorous engineering specifications for quality, strength and reliability, they are extremely durable and corrosion-resistant. Requires conical-seat lug nuts. For best results, the lug nuts included in the available F SPORT Wheel Installation Kit (sold separately) is recommended. See Lexus dealer for details.
F-Sport Flat tire repair kit
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Keep tow trucks at bay with the F SPORT flat tire repair kit*. It can temporarily repair punctures of up to 1/4-inch diameter in the tire tread. Though the repair is designed to last for up to 100 miles, the intention is to let you quickly and safely complete the repair, get back on the road and proceed as soon as possible to an authorized tire repair facility to have the tire repaired or replaced.
F-Sport Lowering springs
Lowering springs
Take to the road with a more aggressive stance and a lower center of gravity. Installing F SPORT lowering springs* front and rear sets the vehicle approximately one inch closer to the ground. Performance benefits include quicker turn-in and improved steering response and cornering ability. Rigorously tested and engineered to help ensure against rattles, clunking or rubbing—even when pushed to the limit—these springs work with the stock shock absorbers. A durable F SPORT blue powder-coat finish provides superior corrosion resistance.
F-Sport Sway bars
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Helping you ride flatter through corners, the F SPORT sway bars* are designed for enhanced driver control with the existing steering and suspension systems. The durable, high-quality sway bars include chrome-moly steel tubing in front and rear, rear chassis brace and higher durometer rubber bushings. The sway bars help improve agility and responsiveness during turn-in and slalom type maneuvers, without adding significant weight. The striking F SPORT blue powder coat finish resists corrosion and helps protect the sway bars from road debris damage.
F-Sport Key Gloves - F SPORT Logo
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Help protect your Lexus SmartAccess fob in style with this set of two Lexus SmartAccess key gloves. The synthetic leather helps keep your SmartAccess fobs clean and free of scratches, and the gloves feature an embossed Lexus logo or F SPORT logo on the back. The loop on top allows your SmartAccess fob to hang in a valet box.
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