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TRAFFIC SiriusXM1 HD2 HD2 SiriusXM1
WEATHER SiriusXM1 HD2 HD2 SiriusXM1
SPORTS SiriusXM1 App Suite3 App Suite3 SiriusXM1
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FUEL SiriusXM1 App Suite3 App Suite3 SiriusXM1

1. SiriusXM data services are free for one year. For pricing after one year, see siriusxm.com.

2. HD Radio data services are subscription-free. When HD Radio is not available, these services can use the App Suite to get the data.

3. App Suite data services are subscription-free.


Lexus Enform*, our branded connected services, consists of four products, each of which offers unique ways to enhance the driving experience. Including live, 24-hour navigation assistance. Integration of popular mobile apps. Emergency services at the press of a button. Up-to-the-minute traffic and weather information. And now, with the all-new Lexus Enform Remote mobile app*, you can start the engine, check fuel levels and more.


Lexus Enform Safety Connect* offers you the peace of mind of knowing that assistance will be there when you need it most. Whether you're involved in a collision and unable to call for help, your vehicle is stolen, or there is some other type of emergency, assistance can be sent directly to your vehicle's GPS location.

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Available on select Lexus vehicles, the new Lexus Enform Remote* mobile app allows you to remotely lock and unlock doors, start the engine and climate controls, and easily find your vehicle's location in a crowded parking lot. And, should you loan your Lexus to another driver, you can receive alerts if, for example, a preset speed or mile limit is exceeded.

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Lexus Enform Destinations offers convenient 24-hour, en-route navigation assistance from a live response center agent who can help you find locations and automatically upload the destinations to your Navigation System*. Planning a trip? You can also search, save and upload destinations from the comfort of your home or office.

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The available Lexus Enform App Suite* offers access to some of your favorite mobile applications through your vehicle's center-console display. After downloading the app on your compatible smartphone, you can search local listings, stream music, listen to live radio nationwide, place restaurant reservations and buy movie tickets all from the driver's seat. And, in select Lexus vehicles advanced voice recognition makes accessing and controlling the App Suite's features easier than ever.

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Offering the ultimate peace of mind, this service* is designed to provide emergency help at a moment's notice. It helps you stay secure on the road without requiring a mobile phone. One-year trial subscription included. View full pricing details.

Enhanced Roadside Assistance

Enhanced Roadside Assistance* practically eliminates the need for other roadside assistance organizations. With the added benefit of GPS technology, it makes Lexus' standard roadside service even more convenient. Whether your vehicle has run out of gas, has a flat tire, needs to be towed or requires a jump start, assistance can be sent to your vehicle's location—all at the press of the Emergency Assistance Button (SOS).

Emergency Assistance Button (SOS)

Whether it's a health emergency, a traffic accident or some other urgent situation where help is required, a single press of the Emergency Assistance Button (SOS) will connect you to a 24-hour Safety Connect* response center agent. Using your vehicle's GPS technology, the agent will send emergency services to your vehicle's location while offering to stay on the line with you until help arrives.

Stolen Vehicle Location

If you ever file a police report stating that your vehicle has been stolen, local authorities can remotely activate its tracking beacon using the vehicle's embedded cellular and GPS technology. This helps them to recover it more quickly and may minimize the amount of damage that can be incurred. Unlike some third-party services, the Stolen Vehicle Location system also works across the United States.

Automatic Collision Notification

In the event that your vehicle's airbags* deploy or you're involved in a severe rear-end collision, you'll be automatically connected to a Safety Connect* response center agent. After attempting to speak to the occupants, the agent will notify local emergency services of the situation and direct them to your vehicle's location.


The all-new available Lexus Enform Remote* mobile app enables you to monitor and control many features in your Lexus using only your compatible smartphone. One-year trial subscription included. View full pricing details.


Engine Start/Stop

Whether it's a cold morning or hot afternoon, this feature lets you remotely start your vehicle to warm or cool the interior based on the last climate control settings. The engine will run for up to 10 minutes or until any door is opened, the brakes are pressed or the engine is turned off remotely.

Door Lock/Unlock

Not sure if you remembered to lock your vehicle? Now, you can remotely lock and unlock your doors and receive confirmation if the action was successful. And should you unlock your Lexus remotely, the door will automatically relock after 60 seconds if no further action takes place.

Vehicle Finder

The days of walking in circles through a parking lot are over. The Vehicle Finder uses the map on your smartphone to guide you to your vehicle's last known parked location.

Vehicle Status and Alerts

With the touch of a button, you can remotely check the status of your vehicle's doors, windows, moonroof, trunk, hood, and convertible top. As well as the vehicle's current fuel level, odometer or trip mileage. The system can also notify you with customizable alerts.

Guest Driver Monitor

For added peace of mind when a guest borrows your vehicle, Lexus Enform Remote* can send instant alerts if the vehicle is started or exceeds preset limits on speed, curfew, miles driven, engine run time, total elapsed time or distance from a set location.


Whether it's getting live navigation assistance on the road or planning a trip from the comfort of your home, reaching your destinations has never been more convenient. One-year trial subscription included. View full pricing details.


Using a tool on LexusDrivers.com, eDestination offers the convenience of planning trips from your home or office. You can search, organize and name up to 200 destinations in 20 separate folders and send them wirelessly to your Lexus Navigation System*.


Destination Assist gives you 24-hour access to a live response center agent to help you locate a specific business, address or point of interest. If you're searching for a restaurant, the agent can help you narrow your choices by distance or type of cuisine and wirelessly send the destination to your vehicle's Navigation System*.


Using your compatible smartphone, the complimentary Lexus Enform App Suite* offers access to your favorite mobile applications through your vehicle's center-console display. And now, in select Lexus vehicles, advanced voice recognition makes accessing and controlling the features easier than ever.


Search a continuously updated database of more than 16 million points of interest, get directions and call with the touch of a button*.


There is always something to listen to with iHeartRadio. With access to more than 750 local radio stations from across the country and exclusive artist content, you won't know what to listen to first.

Movie Tickets.com

Find movies, check local start times, purchase tickets and get directions without ever leaving your Lexus*.


Search restaurants by cuisine, real-time availability and price range; read diner ratings and reviews; and make reservations*.


Using the names of artists or songs you love, create and listen to personalized music stations or playlists*.


Looking for a local place to eat, shop, drink, relax or play? Read reviews from locals who know best, and get directions sent to your Navigation System*.

Facebook Places

Check-in and notify your Facebook friends of your location the moment you arrive*.

Saved Destinations

Can't remember the name of that great restaurant you went to last month? With Saved Destinations you get instant access to your destination folders, where you can browse through up to 200 of your recent destinations.


With the Fuel Prices app, you can search for stations by price, brand, distance or grade. And, once you make a selection, it can display the destination on your navigation screen*.


The Sports app offers access to the schedules, scores and news of your favorite sports teams*.


Keep tabs on your portfolio with the Stocks app. With it, you can access personalized stock quotes and related information*.

*Included with Lexus Enform App Suite on select Lexus vehicles. Some models require SiriusXM®* to provide this data. See provider chart for details.

Additional Mobile App Functionality

In addition to providing access to the Lexus Enform App Suite* through your vehicle's center-console display, the mobile versions of the following apps provide enhanced functionality when you're away from your vehicle:

Get it on Google Play


Save and organize your destinations, share them with friends via Facebook and send them wirelessly to your vehicle.

Movie Tickets.com

Search movie listings, check local start times, purchase tickets and send directions directly to your vehicle.


Search for restaurants, make reservations and conveniently send the restaurant's address to your vehicle.

Enform Tutorials

To help you get the most out of your Lexus Enform system, our extensive library of instructional videos is now within arm's reach.


HD Radio

To help you avoid unexpected delays, select Lexus vehicles are the first in the industry to feature standard, subscription-free real-time traffic and weather updates* via HD Radio™*. See provider chart for details.


This service* provides real-time traffic information, including speed and estimated travel time, and can reroute you to avoid accidents or construction. And, on select Lexus vehicles with Lexus Enform*, you'll enjoy the added convenience of viewing how traffic is predicted to change over 15-, 30- and 45-minute intervals.


This service* provides continuously updated local and national weather reports and five-day forecasts for more than 120 cities and can automatically alert you of severe weather ahead. And, on select Lexus vehicles, with Lexus Enform*, a real-time Doppler weather radar can display the current location and velocity of approaching conditions on the navigation screen.


Available in every Lexus, SiriusXM®* Satellite Radio offers commercial-free music, live sports, and the best of news and entertainment. Drivers of specific Lexus vehicles can also enjoy the following conveniences through an available SiriusXM* Data Services Package subscription. See provider chart for details.


With the Fuel Prices app, you can search for stations by price, brand, distance or grade. And, once you make a selection, it can display the destination on your navigation screen*.


The Sports app offers access to the schedules, scores and news of your favorite sports teams*.


Keep tabs on your portfolio with the Stocks app. With it, you can access personalized stock quotes and related information*.

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In addition to the complimentary year of service, Lexus Enform offers multiple subscription plans to fit your needs. To renew your Lexus Enform subscription(s), please call 1-800-255-3987.




See provider chart for details.




SiriusXM Satellite Radio*
Satellite Radio: XM Select Package
90 Days Included
SEE SIRIUSXM.COM/keeplistening
SiriusXM Data Services Package* NavTraffic™, NavWeather™* & Travel Link
See provider chart for details.
SEE SIRIUSXM.COM/infotainment
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Find answers to commonly asked questions about the available Lexus Enform* suite of connected services. If you're an existing owner, please visit LexusDrivers.com for additional questions and troubleshooting assistance.

App Suite Information
App Suite Operation
Security and Privacy

What Lexus models will be equipped with the Lexus Enform App Suite?

The Lexus Enform App Suite* is available on all Navigation-equipped* 2013 and newer Lexus models.

If I am a Lexus Enform customer with a 2010, 2011 or 2012 model year vehicle, can I upgrade to the next-generation Lexus Enform® with the App Suite version?

Enform customers with a 2010, 2011 or 2012 model year vehicle will not be able to upgrade to Lexus Enform App Suite* because the App Suite features are not compatible with the navigation systems on these vehicles.


How do I create my Lexus Enform App Suite account?

It's easy. First, visit www.lexusenformappsuite.com. Then, fill in the required fields under "Don't Have an Account." Finally, select "Create My Account." Please remember you must also have a www.lexusdrivers.com account in order to take advantage of the eDestination function in App Suite.

Where do I get the Lexus Enform® App Suite mobile app?

You will be able to download the app at no cost from a variety of popular app stores (e.g., Apple's App Store or Google Play). The experience will be the same as for any other app download.

When I register for the Enform App Suite, do I get all the apps and can I add others?

Once you register, you will have access to all the available Lexus Enform App Suite [1] apps (Bing™, iHeartRadio, MovieTickets.com, OpenTable®, Pandora®, Yelp, and Facebook places, Sports, Stocks and Fuel Prices, plus Traffic and Weather). You'll need to link or create and link the accounts for each app to Enform App Suite when you create your App Suite account to experience all of their benefits. To do this, go to www.lexusenformappsuite.com. Currently, these are the only apps available in App Suite. Stay tuned for updates on future content additions.

App Suite Information

How does Enform App Suite work?

Enform App Suite is designed to work simply and intuitively. Using the voice recognition, steering wheel controls or in–vehicle touch screen, you can access a variety of information and entertainment applications via a Bluetooth® connection to your smartphone. Once the smartphone is paired via Bluetooth, you never have to touch the handset again.

Which apps are included in Lexus Enform® with App Suite?

The third–party apps supported through Lexus Enform App Suite currently include Bing, iHeartRadio, MovieTickets.com, OpenTable, Pandora, Facebook Places, Yelp, Sports, Stocks and Fuel Prices, plus Traffic and Weather. To learn more about each app, view our tutorial "The Convenience of App Suite."

What if I already have accounts with these providers? Do I need to create new accounts just for Lexus Enform App Suite?

If you already have an existing account for any of the apps, you can simply link them to your App Suite account. This allows you to connect these apps to your vehicle and operate them using in-vehicle controls.

Can I access social networking apps such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn® through Lexus Enform App Suite?

The Facebook app Facebook Places is currently available as a part of App Suite. It can be accessed only while in Park. It allows you to "check in" at destinations so your Facebook friends will know your location, or to tag other friends when checking in. Complete Facebook access is currently not available. In addition, other social networking platforms such as Foursquare, Twitter and LinkedIn are not currently available. We recognize the customer demand for these services and are studying ways to safely implement them within the vehicle.

Can I search the Internet with Bing through the Lexus Enform App Suite?

Yes, but it is limited to POIs (points-of-interest) to assist you with directions through the Navigation System. General web searches through Bing are not available.

Which phones are compatible with the Lexus Enform App Suite?

Lexus Enform App Suite* is compatible with a wide range of smartphones. Most smartphones with a data plan are compatible, including iPhone®* and Android™* models. Enform App Suite does not currently support BlackBerry 7 OS and Lexus does not have any plans in the immediate future to test or support BlackBerry 7 OS. For more information, go to www.lexus.com/mobilelink.

Will the Enform App Suite work with my iPad® or iPod® Touch?

No. Only smartphones are tested and support Enform App Suite.

App Suite Operation

Does the Lexus Enform App Suite use my phone's data plan for operation?

Yes, Lexus Enform App Suite* services rely on your smartphone's data plan, and carrier charges may apply. Applications within the Lexus Enform App Suite* will have different data usage depending on how often each is used.

Will Lexus Enform App Suite apps operate if the cell signal momentarily vanishes?

Apps such as Bing, which are essentially mobile-optimized websites, require a cell signal to operate. They may become non-responsive while waiting for a more reliable signal. Other apps, notably iHeartRadio and Pandora, have built-in buffering capability that may bridge a momentary interruption of signal. However, if a signal interruption is long enough to empty the buffer, the music will stop. In summary, Lexus Enform App Suite* itself does not buffer data, but instead follows each app's individual buffering strategy and capabilities.

When I'm away from my vehicle, can I use the Lexus Enform App Suite on my smartphone?

Some of the Lexus Enform App Suite* apps (specifically Bing, MovieTickets.com, OpenTable, Fuel Guide, and Sports and Stocks) work even when away from the vehicle. Specifically, Bing, Movietickets.com and OpenTable can all be used within the Lexus Enform mobile app. You can save a point of interest, restaurant location or theater location, then transfer that location to the vehicle's Navigation System* using eDestination. Other applications, such as Yelp and Facebook Places, are available for an in-car only experience. However, to enjoy these apps outside the car, simply download the independent versions of these stand-alone apps (separate from your Lexus Enform mobile app) to your smartphone.

Does the Enform App Suite feature voice recognition?

Yes. All apps offered within the Enform App Suite, except for Facebook Places, Fuel Guide, Traffic and Weather, will be equipped with Voice Recognition. However, all apps, including Facebook Places and other apps that do not have Voice Recognition, can be accessed using the Push-To-Talk button on the steering wheel.

What new features does 'Advanced Voice Recognition' add over 'Voice Recognition'?

The new Advanced Voice Recognition (available on 2014 IS, CT and GX models) brings in the following new features that will make it easier for you to interact with your vehicle Navigation System*:

• All applications can be launched using voice commands.
• All applications except Facebook Places, Fuel Guide and eDestination can be operated using Advanced Voice Recognition.
• The user will be prompted for smaller pieces of information to clarify a request.
• The system can remember the context of the speech to allow for more human-like interaction so that the user does not need to repeat the subject.
• With over 100,000 variations of commands recognized, the system is designed to enable you to speak in a free form manner and still be understood.
• You can use the Push-To-Talk (PTT) button on the steering wheel to launch Advanced Voice Recognition for all multimedia functions, including apps, navigation, audio and phone.

Do I have to make a payment or get a subscription to get Traffic and Weather services?

For 2014 IS, GX and CT models, you do not need a subscription to receive Traffic and Weather services within HD* Data coverage areas. If you choose to pair your smartphone, your Enform App Suite subscription and data plan will allow you to access these services outside of HD coverage areas, and cellular charges will apply.

How do I know if I am within HD Data coverage and am getting Traffic and Weather via HD Data?

HD* Data is available on 2014 IS, CT and GX models. If you are in HD Data coverage, you will see an HD icon in the top left corner of your Navigation* screen. If you do not see this icon, you will not be able to receive HD Data at that time.

Security and Privacy

How secure is the system? Is it vulnerable to hacking?

The security of the system is extremely important to us. The Lexus Enform* mobile app is secure, as it requires a connection back to Lexus servers. We will not allow any apps to appear on the system that are not on the access control list. The system will not take/accept any apps that are not approved by Lexus's access control list. The system also uses IP security currently used for the Web. Anti-hacking measures beyond the app, such as on the handset, are outside of Lexus' control.

How much user behavior is recorded by the system and is there a privacy issue?

Any user activity that is tracked is used only to help create a richer and more robust product for the future. Personal information is not collected; usage data is anonymized and aggregated as general customer behavior.

Does the Lexus Enform App Suite store personal data?

The Lexus Enform App Suite* stores the contacts you've entered into the phone book and records previous destinations. You can erase either or both at any time.

With the new Lexus Enform® App Suite system, Lexus works with several service providers. What customer information or data is shared with service providers?

Lexus does not send personally identifiable information to Enform App Suite service providers—we do not transmit the vehicle identification number (VIN) or the customer name. Many of the service providers utilize GPS data in order to support the functionality of their respective products.

For a customer to use certain Enform App Suite services, he or she must first create a separate customer account with the respective service providers. Access to these accounts via Enform App Suite is done using an encrypted key instead of customer login credentials.

In the future, on certain Lexus models, the Enform App Suite Traffic service will anonymously (i.e., with no personally identifiable information included) transmit the vehicle's direction, GPS location and speed to the traffic service provider to enhance traffic information. Again, this data does not disclose the VIN, customer's name, address or any other personally identifiable information.