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Warranty Coverage

The Lexus Certified Pre-Owned Limited Warranty is actually better than some new-vehicle warranties. It's an extensive limited warranty, technically known as an "exclusionary warranty." Starting on your date of purchase, it offers the same coverage and privileges new-car buyers receive. To see what is and isn't covered, view the list below or visit your Lexus dealer for complete details.

Under Warranty

This warranty also provides a complimentary loaner car, Roadside Assistance[1] and Trip Interruption Service coverage as described in the Stellar Coverage.

It is valid for three years or 100,000 total vehicle miles from your date of purchase, whichever comes first.

No deductible. Repairs made under this warranty will be at no cost to you.

This warranty covers any repair or replacement of components that fail under normal use due to a defect in materials or workmanship except as set forth under "Exclusions."

  • Engine
  • Transmission
  • Final Drives and Axles
    (Front-Wheel Drive)
  • Rear-Wheel Drive
  • Steering
  • Brakes
    (Excluding Rotors and Pads)
  • Fuel System
  • Cooling
  • AC and Heating Systems
  • Electrical
  • Computer
  • Restraint Systems
  • Accessories and Controls

The following components are specifically excluded from coverage under the Lexus Certified Pre-Owned Limited Warranty:

Standard Upkeep Items:
accessory drive belts, batteries, filters, fluids, heating and vacuum hoses, lines and tubes, tires, spark plugs, windshield wiper blades (rubber component).

Wear and Tear:
Examples include brake pads, rotors, shoes and drums and manual clutches.

Body and Interior:
bumpers, carpet, chrome, dash cover and pad, door trim, handles, fabric, glass (including windshield), headliner, hinges, interior and exterior trim and moldings, cupholders, ashtrays, covers and vents, lightbulbs, nuts, bolts, clips, retainers and fasteners, paint, rust and corrosion damage, seat covers, shiny metals, weather stripping.

any non-Lexus accessories or modified components, including but not limited to wheels, radar detectors and cellular phones.

any component which has not failed, but that a repair facility recommends or requires to be replaced, repaired or adjusted.

Warranty Term Glossary

This glossary is designed to clarify any questions you may have regarding your Lexus Certified Pre-Owned Limited Warranty.


The company that authorizes and pays the repair facility for the repair work on your vehicle. The administrator works closely with the repair facility to make sure your claim is handled properly. (See: Warrantor)


Also known as "factory coverage" and refers to the type of coverage the factory provides on a brand-new vehicle. This is the best and most comprehensive coverage available and is technically known as an "exclusionary warranty." In this type of coverage, EVERYTHING IS COVERED EXCEPT THE ITEMS EXCLUDED. A list of excluded items is provided and should be read carefully. This is the distinction between "named component" coverage and "exclusionary coverage." You should not assume that just because it is called "bumper-to-bumper" that it is true "exclusionary coverage". The true "bumper-to-bumper," "exclusionary coverage" has the following terminology: "Repairs on all assemblies (components) and parts are covered with the exception of those items listed in the exclusion section of this contract." (See: Under Warranty and Exclusions.)

Consumable Items

The parts not covered under any warranty such as: tires, batteries, clutch plates and wiper blades. (See: Exclusions)


The maximum amount you must pay the repair facility for work when your vehicle is being repaired, regardless of total cost.


After a stringent inspection, the classification of a vehicle and the type of coverage that can be applied to the vehicle. A vehicle is typically fewer than eight model years old with fewer than 100,000 odometer miles to be eligible for certification, Lexus Certified Pre-Owned vehicles must be fewer than six model years old with fewer than 70,000 miles.

Exclusionary Warranty

The most comprehensive extended warranty available. Some manufacturers refer to it as a "bumper-to-bumper" policy. This particular policy lists the components of your vehicle that are not covered under the warranty. If a part or component is not listed, then it is covered under an exclusionary policy. (See: Under Warranty)

Extended Warranty

An extension of the vehicle's original warranty. Also called an "extended service agreement," this policy will pay for your vehicle's covered repairs after the manufacturer's warranty has expired. It helps protect the automobile owner or lessee against mechanical failures and breakdowns. Contact your Lexus dealer or learn more at www.lexusfinancial.com.

Inclusionary Policy

Lists the components and parts that are covered by the warranty. If the component or part is not listed, then it is not covered. (See: Powertrain)

In-Service Date

The date the vehicle was purchased by the original owner.

Lemon Law

A vehicle with (a) major, repeated problem(s) that has been repurchased by, or had its purchase price renegotiated with, the manufacturer. State laws then earmark these as Lemon Law, Buyback or Salvage vehicles. These vehicles are ineligible for Lexus Certified Pre-Owned Limited Warranty coverage.

Loaner Car

A vehicle that is provided to a Lexus customer when leaving their vehicle at the dealership for warrantable repairs that would exceed eight hours. A loaner car is part of the dealership's fleet and is not available as a rental.

Manufacturer's Recommended Maintenance Guidelines

The routine maintenance recommended by the manufacturer to keep your vehicle in satisfactory working order. Typical guidelines include: changing the engine oil, checking proper fluid levels, tire rotations and wheel alignments. (See the CARE section of the Lexus Warranty/Roadside Assistance Manual for complete details.)

Manufacturer's Warranty (Lexus Certified Pre-Owned Limited Warranty)

A new warranty to provide coverage of a Lexus Certified Pre-Owned Vehicle beginning on the date of purchase. This is not an extended warranty. The Lexus Certified Pre-Owned Limited Warranty covers the vehicle for three years or 100,000 total vehicle miles, whichever occurs first. Check the Lexus Certified Pre-Owned Warranty Supplement for detailed warranty information or visit your Lexus dealer.

New Vehicle

The Lexus Certified Pre-Owned Limited Warranty uses the term "new vehicle" to mean an automobile that is still covered by the original manufacturer's warranty.

Plan Expiration

The date or odometer mileage when the warranty will no longer be in effect. For example, the three-year/100,000-total-vehicle-mile Lexus Certified Pre-Owned Limited Warranty expires three years from the date of purchase or when the odometer reads 100,000 miles.

Plan Term

The amount of time in years or the total mileage the warranty policy will protect your vehicle.

Powertrain Warranty

This inclusionary warranty covers engine, transmission, transfer case and drive axles.

Rental Benefit

The reimbursement amount for actual expenses incurred for substitute transportation while your vehicle is being repaired. The Lexus Certified Pre-Owned Limited Warranty includes a rental benefit as part of the Trip Interruption Service.

Repair Facility

An authorized Lexus repair facility located in the continental United States and Alaska. This includes, but is not limited to, your local Lexus dealership or authorized local mechanical facilities.

Roadside Assistance[1]

Assistance if your vehicle breaks down or other vehicle emergency (towing, battery assistance, flat-tire assistance or fuel).
This program provides you with a toll-free number to call 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Salvage Title

A title issued on a vehicle where an insurance company has declared the vehicle a total loss. These vehicles were typically involved in a flood or severe accident and are not eligible for Lexus Certified Pre-Owned Vehicle Programs. (See: Lemon Law)


The Lexus Certified Pre-Owned Limited Warranty is not transferable to any subsequent owner.

Trip Interruption

In the event your vehicle is inoperable, causing a delay en route and you are more than 100 miles from your home, this coverage provides reimbursement for restaurant meals, rental car and lodging.

Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)

Your VIN is a unique 17-digit identifier of your vehicle, most commonly found:
On the driver's-side dashboard of your car
On your insurance card
On the title to your vehicle
On the vehicle's registration card
On a sticker inside the driver's-side door


Your Lexus Certified Pre-Owned Limited Warranty is provided by Lexus affiliate, Toyota Financial Services, Inc., a California corporation. (See also: Administrator)


A policy for the automobile owner or lessee that protects against covered mechanical failures and breakdowns.

Warranty Period

The warranty period begins on the date you purchase your Lexus Certified Pre-Owned Vehicle. The Lexus Certified Pre-Owned Limited Warranty is applicable three years from the purchase date or for 100,000 total vehicle miles, or until the date on which you transfer your Lexus to a subsequent owner. This warranty is not transferable to any subsequent owner.

Wear and Tear

"Wear and Tear" is the gradual wearing down of a part that has not yet caused an actual breakdown of your vehicle. Parts that wear out which are not covered include brake pads, rotors, shoes and drums, and manual clutches.

[1]Coverage only available in the continental U.S. See Lexus dealer for details. Back to top