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Certification Standards

In order to meet the rigorous standards of the CPO program, specially-trained Lexus technicians put each vehicle through an exhaustive series of examinations, assuring reliability, quality and customer confidence.


Every detail is inspected by Lexus-trained technicians, right down to first aid kits and spare tires. A small squeak or faint odor is enough to disqualify a vehicle.

- Technicians perform a mechanical inspection and computer diagnosis of the engine
- The exterior is checked for dings, dents and scratches
- The upholstery, audio systems, power windows and locks are part of the interior inspection
- The safety and security of airbags, seatbelts, brake pads and rotors, plus tire tread depth is assessed
- The undercarriage is checked, including wheel alignment, chassis, frame rails and subframe
- The upholstery in the luggage compartment is evaluated, along with the spare tire and first aid kit
- A road test is performed to check for engine noises, handling issues, interior squeaks, rattles and vibrations
161-Point Checklist

A checklist is strictly followed to determine if the vehicle meets Lexus Certified Pre-Owned qualifications, or if repairs or replacement parts are needed. It must meet or exceed all Lexus standards, or the technicians and quality-control managers must exclude it from the program.