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Use the resources below to familiarize yourself with previous Lexus models. To see additional information, including trim levels, features and significant changes from year to year, click on a model image or name.
Luxury Sedans
Luxury Sedans - LS
Luxury Sedans - GS
Luxury Sedans - ES
Luxury Sedans - IS
Luxury Utility Vehicles
Luxury Utility Vehicles - LX
Luxury Utility Vehicles - GX
Luxury Utility Vehicles - RX
Luxury Convertibles
Luxury Convertibles - IS C
Luxury Hybrids
Luxury Convertibles - SC
Luxury Hybrids - LS Hybrid
Luxury Hybrids - GS Hybrid
Luxury Hybrids - ES Hybrid
F Performance
Luxury Hybrids - HS Hybrid
Luxury Hybrids - RX Hybrid
Luxury Hybrids - CT Hybrid
F Performance - IS F