The name "Lexus" combines word roots evoking images of luxury and technology. Among these are the Latin "luxus" and the French "luxe" for elegance and sumptuousness, as well as the Greek "lexicon" for language and words. The result was a new and distinctive word that conveyed luxury in any language, capturing the feel of the cars it would soon represent. However, the Lexus name is only half the story. A logo had to clearly and effectively accentuate the Lexus name. Criteria including a smooth, oval shape were deemed necessary to capture the rounded, aerodynamic quality of Lexus vehicles. The final logo was selected in the summer of 1987. Its oval shape and characteristic L clearly capture the Lexus theme of simple elegance combined with refined beauty. Since the first Lexus was sold in 1989, both name and logo continue to evoke comfort, styling and quality.